Welcome to Tribe AVN,

A place where AVN'ers can gather and share knowledge and experience. What is AVN or Avascular Necrosis?

Avascular Necrosis is a debilitating condition in which there is a loss of blood circulation to portions of bone, causing it to degrade and die over time.

When I was diagnosed, it completely changed my life. I did not know what Avascular Necrosis was or where to go for help. Googling for Avascular Necrosis did not turn out to be very useful. Creating this website, I'm hoping to help others that have the unfortunate chance of being diagnosed with this rare condition. While there is ample information online with what Avascular Necrosis actually is, I found that the best way to find guidance was networking with other people who have had experience with Avascular Necrosis.

This website will be in constant development and I will slowly add to it as time permits. As you can see,it is very bare and simple at the moment. Soon, I hope to add a robust searchable directory of doctors and the treatments they offer. But the main feature of this website will be the forum. I am hoping it will be a place where everyone can come together (as a tribe) and share their experiences, knowledge, tips, and advice with Avascular Necrosis.